Enhanced access

We launched this site to enable amateur and professional activist photographers to share their campaign images more easily and effectively with the civil society organisations, community groups and students who need them, as well as making it easier for activist photographers to reach media and publishing outlets.

For this reason, under-resourced civil society organisations, community groups and students (‘Civil Society Members’ or CSMs) can enjoy 'enhanced access'. In other words, if you register on this site as a CSM you can download the majority of our images — the ones with Creative Commons or Royalty Free licenses — for free.

Images with a Creative Commons license are free to use anyway (although there are still usage restrictions, please check each image’s license). On this site, however, we also ask our contributing photographers to allow the free use of their Royalty Free images by registered CSMs. (Royalty Free images are generally sold for a relatively modest fee.) 

Because of the software we use, this is in the form of a 100% discount. If you are a CSM registered with the site you can apply for this discount on an annual basis.

Please note that the final category of licenses — Rights Managed — are the exception. Images with Rights Managed licences do have to be paid for by everyone. This is because we also want to encourage professional and semi-professional activist photographers to use this site to sell their images. Since this is how they may be earning their living it is important to allow for this. It also helps to keep the overall quality of images on the site high.

If you are a medium or large civil society organisation with access to reasonable funding please bear in mind that CIC is itself a small under-resourced organisation. We would appreciate it if you would register as an 'Other Media Buyer'. Please note that all for-profit organisations and large educational establishments are also required to register as Other Media Buyers.

Please also note that the copyright for all images (except those that have been explicitly uploaded as 'No Licence') still rests with the photographer, and this may mean that you are not permitted to use the images for commercial purposes. You need to check the terms of each license very carefully, for each image that you download, and you are responsible for its proper use. If you infringe the terms of the license you are legally liable, just as if you had paid for it.