Taking better campaign photographs is not rocket science! By having a good grasp of the basic fundamentals of photography you can significantly improve your own photography, even with a smart phone, and start creating your own campaign images.

This Activist Photography Starter Kit can help you. In it you will find information about how to use images to tell more powerful stories, including by learning the basic rules of composition. In addition it includes tips and tricks about camera functions and how to use them to increase creative control over your images. You will also find important 'need to know' advice abouth ethics, security and the law—don't skip these important bits! The kit also includes practical advice about photographing and interviewing people and even photographing meetings (not the most exciting kind of photography but sometimes important for reports!).

This starter kit has been developed as a follow on to the Women2030 Media Training Toolkit. It is only available in English at the moment.

You can download the kit here.