Quick competition guide

For those in a hurry…how to upload your images!

(Please note this quick guide does not replace the full competition details, please read them as well.)

(Helpful tips)

PLEASE NOTE: the deadline for CIC's 1st photography competition

has been extended until 00.01 GMT on 3 March 2015 - there is still time to enter!

(1) Before you start…

Please make sure you have read our ethical guidelines and terms and conditions. By entering the competition you are agreeing to abide by these. (Please note, these are only available in English at the moment. As we grow we will translate the image library into Spanish and other languages).

Competition entrants are asked for a contribution of US$20 or more in the pro/semi-pro category, and US$10 or more in the ‘activist/community’ category. However if this is beyond your means please contact comp@criticalcollective to discuss a waiver. Donations can be made using the PayPal button at the bottom of our main home page. Thank you!

(2) Register as a CIC photographer

You need to register as a photographer using the link on the right hand side of the page labelled ‘Photographer LogIn/Register'.

(3) Prepare your images

Your images need to be in ‘jpg’ or ‘jpeg’ format, and high resolution (at least 240 ppi, or pixels per inch). Your original image should be at least 3600px along the longest side to allow printing for exhibition.

Make sure you know which competition galleries you are looking for before you start (see below). This can save time because you can load all the images that are being submitted to a single gallery at the same time (see below).

(4) Upload your images to our server

In the Photographers’ Area choose ‘Media Manager’. Click on the ‘Upload Your Images’ link. The ‘Local’ box displays files on the computer you are using - use the 'Browse' option to select your image(s). Then select ‘Hi-Res Auto Resize’, and click ‘Upload’.

(5) Import your images to our galleries

You can batch load to each gallery (so, for example, if you are loading three images to one gallery and one to another, you need to do this stage twice).

Go back to the ‘Media Manager’ menu and select ‘Import Hi-Res’. Select which images you want to import by ticking the boxes (if you want to select them all just tick the top box; alternatively use the ‘Import Icon’ with the little green arrow to the right of the images you want to select).

You should now have a form to fill in on your screen. You need to give your image a title (if not the filename will be used), and say who took the photograph and who has the copyright (probably you!). If you would like to have your image entered to the image library at the end of the competition (if it gains an ‘acceptance’) you can also provide keywords and text (up to about 200 words if you like). But please note this text will not be used for judging.

Find the 'COMPETITION 2015' gallery and select one of the sub-galleries, by theme and depending on whether you are entering as an ‘activist/community’ photographer ('ACTCOM') or ‘professional/semi-pro’ ('PROF'). 

The competition galleries are in upper case to make them easier to find in the drop-down list. These are the gallery codes you need to look for:

Activist, community and other non-professional photographers

  • ACTCOMM BUEN VIVIR This is what 'Buen Vivir' looks like!
  • ACTCOMM CLIMATE Our changing climate
  • ACTCOMM FOOD SOVEREIGNTY Hungry for change: food sovereignty solves hunger and climate change
  • ACTCOMM ENERGY JUSTICE Energy justice for all

Professional and semi-professional photographers  

  • PROF BUEN VIVIR This is what 'Buen Vivir' looks like!
  • PROF CLIMATE Our changing climate
  • PROF FOOD SOVEREIGNTY Hungry for change: food sovereignty solves hunger and climate change
  • PROF ENERGY JUSTICE Energy justice for all

(6) Last little bits and pieces…

Please select the Rights Managed licence option for the duration of the competition (this keeps things simple, it stops downloads, and the competition galleries are hidden as well).

Press 'submit'.

If you want to revise your information you can return to your images by going to 'media manager' and browsing to the relevant gallery. Find the image you want to revise and look for the little 'pencil and paper' icon. (Please note you won't be able to do this until after your images have been approved - our system is set up so that all images submitted to the library need to be approved; we will of course do this for all competition entries.)

That's it!