Helpful Tips


(1) Make sure you register as a 'photographer' (not a 'user')!

If you register as a 'user' you are registering to download photographs, either freely or as a media buyer, depending on the licences attached to the photographs you are downloading, and whether you qualify for 'enhanced access' (for more about this see 'How to use this Website'). To upload photographs you need to register as a photographer, the button is on the righthand side of the webpage, half way down.

(2) Problems with Google Chrome?

We have had a few issues with the site hanging when we are using Google Chrome recently. We are working to fix this, but if you find the site is not responding, please try using a different browser.

(3) If you have successfully uploaded your photographs, we will send you an acknowledgement

If you don't hear from us within a few days please get in touch at It means there is a problem, and we can help you. Please note this process is not automated, so you won't get an acknowledgement straight away—on the other hand you will get a direct personal reply from us!

(4) Make sure you pick the competition galleries

The competition galleries are in CAPITAL LETTERS. You only need to select the right ones for your images, you do not need to select any other galleries as well. If you don't select the competition galleries we may think you are submitting images to the main image library. This means you will not receive a competition acknowledgement. Please get in touch at if you think this has happened.

(5) Please don't forget to send your donation!

We are asking all participants that can afford it to make a donation. The details are in the competition guidelines and the PayPal button is on our home page at For the professional category it is US$20, for activists and community photographers just US$10. We are completely reliant on these donations at the moment as we have no other form of funding, and these funds will be used to cover basic unavoidable costs like web hosting and web management, and accountancy. We don't want to stop anyone participating though, so please ask if you need to request a waiver, by contacting (for example, if you are a full-time student or unemployed, or you are on a low income in a developing country).

(6) Paypal doesn't work in your country

Paypal is the best money transfer system we could find for small amounts of money, but it doesn't work everywhere. If you live in a country where you cannot access Paypal, such as Bangladesh, you can still enter our competition. You can agree to make an equivalent donation to a local environmental and social justice charity, or, if you cannot afford to do that please contact us to request a waiver.