Social and environmental justice exhibitions

Critical Information Collective focuses on helping activists and communities to tell more powerful stories. We are happy to be able to host exibitions of social and environmental justice images.

Climate change: realities and resistance

‘Climate change: realities and resistance’ is a touring exhibition that illustrates the kaleidoscopic diversity and vitality of a growing global movement, which is demanding real action on climate change before it’s too late. It was exhibited in Paris during COP 21, in December 2015, and in Buffalo, US, in March and April 2016. Next stop is the World Social Forum in August 2016...

Many of us are already experiencing climate change in our daily lives, and Jason Taylor’s images contemplate the story of climate change from the perspective of farmers and fishers in El Salvador, a developing country. At the other end of the scale, Bogdan Bousca’s stark images of dirty pollution and personal alienation in the industrialised world remind us that new, clean and sustainable energy technologies will make us happier as well as healthier. So too do David Tao’s arresting and optimistic images of wind turbines on the shores of the now almost completely dried-up Lake George in New South Wales, Australia.

‘Climate change: realities and resistance’ also emphasises how effective on-the-ground resistance strategies can be. Judith Deland’s haunting images from Brown Mountain in Australia celebrate activists’ successful campaign to stop further devastation. Farmers and activists in France continue their vocal resistance to a new airport in Nantes, prompting President Hollande to call a referendum on what has become a titanic and emblematic struggle. And images from activist photographers Kathryn McWhirter, Stephen Ambrose and Brenda Pollack depict villagers and activists in Balcombe, Sussex, in the UK, who have staunchly resisted the arrival of fracking company Cuadrilla Resources.

The exhibition is also a window onto the world of climate change negotiations, with Orin Langelle’s revealing images capturing the energy and dynamics at play inside the vast and labyrinthine negotiating venues. Outside the venues—in the ‘real’ world—Luka Tomac’s images celebrate the climate change movement’s vibrant protest and action planning. We will be heard!

Technical note about exhibitions

The exhibition images are for exhibition only, as they may include images that are not for sale. At the end of an exhibition all participating photographers are asked if they want to include their images in the main image library, for sharing or for sale. This is entirely up to the photographer, and if the photographer wants to add their images to the library they still retain copyright.