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Media Ref # CIC-FP3P4UY
Media Name: Scene in Campo Lorro, Gran Chaco, Paraguay
Author: Orin Langelle
Copyright: Orin Langelle
Added Date: 23/06/2014
License Type: Rights Managed
Release Status: No Release  
Description: Campo Lorro (Parrot Field), Gran Chaco, Paraguay (1999) –Campo Lorro is a 10,000-hectare field that was given to the Ayoreo community in exchange for their nomadic realm of more than 10 million hectares. Langelle was invited by the Ayoreo people who live in Campo Lorro to take photographs in a project called “Sharing the Eye.” An elder leader of the community walked with Langelle through their lands, village, houses and workplaces–sharing his vision with him. Many Ayoreo have been forced out of the forest they lived in and were captured. They lived off hunting and gathering and were fierce warriors. Because they posed a threat to the expansion of white “civilization,” they were forced into settlements. Mennonite farmers established colonies on their land during the 1940s and 1950s. The Ayoreo resisted and there were killings on both sides. Some of the first Ayoreo people captured were sent to Campo Lorro. There are still uncontacted Ayoreo living in the Gran Chaco. They do not want contact with “civilization” and wish to remain in their forest home. Today, however, cattle ranches, expansion of genetically modified soybean plantations for animal feed and biofuels, hydroelectric dams and mineral exploitation threaten the forests and Ayoreo of the Chaco.
Keywords: Paraguay Campo Lorro Gran Chaco Ayoreo