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Media Ref # CIC-5MASBUP
Media Name: Tuna - Dolphin Controversy
Author: Orin Langelle
Copyright: Orin Langelle
Added Date: 07/05/2014
License Type: Rights Managed
Release Status: No Release  
Description: Banner drop on three-story building where Ralston Purina shareholders were meeting in St. Louis, MO. Ralston at that time owned Chicken of the Sea tuna, and their boats were killing thousands of dolphins caught in their tuna fishing nets. The building was free-climbed by the activist above, using no ropes. (1988) Spurred by actions such as the above banner drop, environmentalists launched a nationwide consumer boycott of the three major tuna processors in the US: Heinz’ StarKist Tuna, Ralston Purina’s Chicken of the Sea and Pillsbury’s Bumble Bee Tuna. Together, these three companies controlled 70% of US tuna market. In 1990, after two years of concerted efforts by environmental groups, all three tuna processors agreed voluntarily to accept only “dolphin-safe” tuna, meaning tuna that was not caught by purse seine fishing or drift nets. The Ocean Conservatory reports: “In 1990, Congress enacted the Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act (DPCIA), which established criteria for labeling canned tuna products as “dolphin safe.” To carry the label, tuna caught in the Eastern Tropical Pacific must have been caught on a trip during which no dolphins were encircled…Dolphin encirclement continues in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, but gear innovations, altered fishing methods, and international education efforts have reduced dolphin mortality in encirclement dramatically, by as much as 99 percent.”
Keywords: Tuna Dolphins dolphin safe tuna fishing nets protests