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Media Ref # CIC-T2OVZ8T
Media Name: Wind generators, India
Author: Tamra Gilbertson/Carbon Trade Watch
Copyright: Tamra Gilbertson/Carbon Trade Watch
Added Date: 09/04/2014
License Type: Rights Managed
Release Status: No Release  
Description: Wind power generators, financed through the Clean Development Mechanism, Maharashtra, India. Wind power has been developed rapidly over the last ten years in the State of Maharashtra, India. The Sayadhri Range, part of the Western Ghat, is a high plateau or mesa that extends 40 square kilometers and is managed by the Indian Forest Department. The ecology is made up of a windy high plateau located at 2500 feet above sea-level that was once inhabited by diverse wildlife including panthers, bears, snakes, deer and bison. Since the project began, the natural ecosystem has been totally decimated to make way for Wind Energy Generators (WEGs). There is no longer any sign of a natural ecosystem. The plateau is now transformed into barren lands covered in electricity lines, roads, power stations and WEGs. Villages are scattered on the hillsides below the plateau. The plateau was once used as common land by the villagers for animal grazing, gathering forest products and wood collecting. This once natural habitat was organized and protected by the local people. Cattle and goats are one of the most important community assets in village life. The animals are essential for working the lands and provide milk for products such as cheese, one of the main dietary staples. The local villagers have now found themselves prohibited from using the common lands on the plateau for cattle grazing or gathering, which has led to tension and resistance. 2006
Keywords: Wind power turbine turbines wind generators CDM Clean Development Mechanism biodiversity ecosystem destruction land grab land grabbing Maharashtra India.